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Company Overview

Perspective Engineering is a leading company that offers innovative engineering solutions for the growth and development of rural communities, and towns.

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At Perspective Engineering, it’s part of our core values to move beyond our job in identifying with the people in the communities we work for. Thus, fostering community and unity is mandatory for us, even as we offer tailored constructive engineering and design services. Our reputation precedes us. With an eye for perfection and a touch of excellence, we undertake our work with quality executing procedures while ensuring timely delivery of all assigned projects. We have a track record of completing projects with creative designs while giving utmost attention to details. Our projects have earned many positive reviews and feedback from all our clients.

Mission and Vision

At Perspective Engineering, our goal is to offer quality and value above all else. With passionate engagements and a contract administration staff with more than 30 years of experience in construction, designs, and engineering, we've helped several communities and expanding regions. Our goal is to reach more expansive areas with our expertise and years of experience and serve other local communities. Moreover, we’re committed to offering quality services.

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Our History

Perspective Engineering was born out of a desire to aid accessibility into local communities through good roads and durable bridges. Consequently, bringing infrastructural development to rural areas and maintaining existing infrastructure is at the bedrock of Perspective Engineering.

Before founding Perspective Engineering, our founder worked with a large international engineering company, as this company grew in numbers they started focusing more on the larger provincial and national projects and less on rural and community projects. However, he didn’t find this experience fulfilling. Thus, his drive for rural development and his passion for community growth motivated him to establish Perspective Engineering. Identifying that the use of inexperienced design and contract administration staff while costing a little less up front led to many unintended consequences and larger costs throughout the projects. As a result of this, our founder deemed it necessary to start a company that offers quality services with experienced staff but at the price point of the competing local companies. His goal was to make quality infrastructure accessible by reducing overhead expenses.

Perspective Engineering is one of the few community-based engineering companies with the commitment to delivering quality construction and engineering service at competitive prices. At Perspective Engineering, we understand that generating revenue is crucial to business sustenance, however, we fully focus on providing quality services that offer the best value for money.

This motivation led him to employ staff members who are vast in engineering technology, designs, and construction experts. The idea was to build a workforce with an eye for excellence, a spark of creativity, and the zeal to complete projects while proactively eliminating unforeseen contingencies. This energy birthed Perspective Engineering, which has grown to become a force of reckoning in her area today.

What We Offer

At Perspective Engineering, we offer municipal engineering, the development, construction, and complete improvement of infrastructures in expanding regions. We undertake road construction and transport engineering for accessibility into rural areas and communities. Perspective Engineering oversees contract administration from governmental bodies and large firms for quality control while enhancing seamless project delivery. Every project we undertake is inspired by the desire to bring development and improve livelihood. Money is a secondary factor when it comes to the projects we undertake. With Perspective Engineering, it’s always quality and value first. 

Meet Our Founder

Jason Ward is an experienced engineer who grew up in Bancroft, Ontario.

Jason studied civil engineering at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and graduated in 2007. After graduating, he worked in construction and project management for two years, recording numerous successes. Jason was a dedicated construction staff member until the beginning of 2009, when he started as an EIT working with one of the largest engineering firms in the world. However, his passion for change and entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to start his first engineering company, Perspective Engineering, in 2016. To date, his drive remains to develop and maintain the infrastructure of rural communities to foster municipals’ growth.

Jason currently lives in Wilberforce, Ontario, with his loving wife and two adorable kids.

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